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The following provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What kind of things do you wrap?
Nearly every surface can provide an opportunity for brand building and promoting your products and services. Our large format printing capabilities are not limited to wrapping vehicles and buildings. We also provide banners, posters, wall graphics and murals, floor graphics, signs, trade show display graphics and more; “If you can imagine it - we can image it.

What's involved in wrapping a vehicle?
Wrapping any vehicle consists of 3 stages. The first is the conceptual, design and layout stage. The second is the production stage and the third stage is installation. There may even be a forth stage that involves removal of the graphics if required.

Tell me more about stage one, the design stage.
The design stage is the most critical part of the process. Communication is key. Expectations, and a thorough understanding of the overall project is a must. The design should be done with the understanding that images need to be scanned or digital pictures taken at specific resolutions, file types must be adhered to and the design must be scaled to the vehicle or other medium. Unless the vehicle is going to be in a design contest we always try to get our clients to focus on the purpose of the vehicle ie. bring in new business, create brand awareness etc. The vehicle is a moving billboard so the message on the vehicle must be instantly understood. Having our clients accept a simple but deliberate design is sometimes difficult but an important step.

Tell me more about stage two, the production stage.
The second stage is where we in essence push the print button. If everything in stage one is done properly and all the specifications are followed in detail, not much should go wrong in the production stage. This is the part of the project where most clients try to cut corners and reduce the overall cost of the project. Our quality control policy mandates that our production department print a 4 foot wide layout proof on the material to be used including the over-laminate. We also print a full size cropped area of the vehicle for our records so if down the road something needs to be reprinted we have the colors to match to.

Tell me more about stage three, the installation stage.
The third stage is key and can make or break the deal. A good installer properly trained and given enough time and budget can be worth their weight in gold. An inexperienced installer working at bargain prices may get the graphics installed in record time but more than likely the graphics will be full of bubbles, creases, torch burn marks and the vinyl around rivet heads not put down. Not to mention the graphic is not placed properly on the vehicle per the layout. If you want a warranty on your graphics one of our professional 3M Certified Installer or equivalent will be used to install your graphics. Our installers will do the job correctly and will meet your expectations for quality and service.

How long does the process take?
That depends on how long stage one takes. We've created a completely new design in one day, got approvals the following day and had the graphics installed 3 days later. However, this is not usually the case. The design stage typically takes the longest. The production stage takes about 3 days and the installation can take as long as 2 days or as little as a few hours.

What is the standard life of the images printed on vinyl?
Generally four color process has an approximate life of 3 to 5 years exterior. This may depend on weather conditions and if the graphic has a laminate for protection. Spot color has a life expectancy or approximate exterior life of 5 to 7 years and also depends upon weather conditions.

What kind of file would be best to send for the best results?
Tiff and Illustrator EPS files are best for printing and Illustrator AI files are best for computerized vinyl cutting. Pay attention to the resolution dpi numbers. Download our file specifications.

Can we send the file over the Internet?
Yes! This is a great way of sending a file. No courier fees and we can receive the file the same day you send it. Call us for a username and password for our secure FTP server. Be sure to zip or stuff the file before sending to ensure its integrity. You always send us a hard copy color target to color match to.

What is the turn around time once you receive my files?
Depends on the job. If we receive a perfect file that is one that we do not have to edit or assign cut lines there would be a 2 to 4 working day turn around time once we receive the file. Large amounts of editing and complicated images adds many more days with no guarantee of results. Our quality control policy is to always pre-flight files ahead of time in case there are issues.

What is the standard life of vinyl lettering and graphics?
Generally, any 2 mil cast high performance vinyl is good for 5 to 7 years against fading and cracking. 3 mil calendared vinyl is probably good for 3 to 5 years. All this really depends on outdoor weather conditions.

What if my colors are custom and not available?
This is where our computerized cutting system works great. We can print your color on our digital printing equipment then cut your graphics. Our computerized cutting system can also perform contour cutting normally done by hand.

What kind of file would be best to send for the best computer cutting results?
Illustrator AI files are best for computerized vinyl cutting.Download our file specifications.